Backroad BookWorks

By outsourcing your bookkeeping and various repetitive office tasks your gain control over our business without the need to hire an employee. No unemployment, health insurance, or benefits costs. Pay only for actual time spent on your businessnot filler time or make-work.

Before any commitment is made, and initial Consultation, free and with no obligation, provides an opportunity to discuss any uncertainties and determine compatibility. A chance to see if we “fit.”

The consultation includes a review of your current bookkeeping and office systems (equipment, software, technology, shoe boxes), as well as your business services and customer base. We’ll discuss what currently does and does not work for you and the changes you’d like to make. Any solution will consists only of the services you want, as few or as many as you choose.

I can work in  your office or mine, on whatever schedule works best for you. I have my own equipment and software, or can use yours.

Backroad BookWorks provides customized Bookkeeping and Administrative services with flexible options to help you get back to your direct operations.

Not Just Bookkeeping….
the Works!


Checking & Bank Accounts

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Account Maintenance


Month- & Year-End Procedures

— — —

Financial Reports

Budgets & Cash Flow

Assets & Liabilities

Tax Prep Reports



Workflow & Organization

Bookkeeping System Setup

Software & Computer Recommendations

Equipment Setup & Training

— — —

Compliance Review

Office Tasks


Special Projects

Keep your operating records and customer accounts up-to-date with
Bookkeeping services

Know where your business stands and make informed decisions with
Financial Reports

Increase efficiency, learn how computers and customized forms designed for your business can save time and money with Custom
ProductivitY Support Services

Get rid of those nagging to-do’s that never get done and projects there’s never time for with Business Support services

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